In line with our goal to build resilience towards climate change and commitment to reduce our impact on the environment, we undertake several measures including process improvements and technology integration. We accomplish this by improving process efficiencies, investing in electrification of port infrastructure, and setting up renewable energy plants wherever feasible. Transitioning to clean energy is our go-to-strategy to minimize our environmental impact and pave the road towards low carbon future. APSEZ expects to reduce GHG emissions through electrification of its processes in the short-term and parallel investments in renewable energy sources that are expected to bring about a gradual reduction in the use of fossil fuels over the medium-to long-term. Through the diversification of the energy mix towards a balanced one, we hope to contribute positively towards our Climate Change commitment

Our Energy and Emission Policy guides energy and emission management across all sites.

Initiatives & Achievements

Company is investing in low carbon initiatives and has taken several initiatives. Snapshot of few of the initiatives are as under:

  • Renewable energy installation of 19 MW which has helped to avoid 15320 tCO2e in FY20.
  • Replaced Conventional lights with efficient LEDs resulting in energy saving of 6.2 Million Units.
  • Retrofitting of diesel operated RTG into electrified RTGs, resulting in fuel shift.
  • Providing Shore power to the tugs which saves diesel consumption.
  • Replacing conventional cargo transport with conveyor belt across all coal terminals which avoids huge consumption of fuels with moderate grid energy consumption.
  • Replacement of 3XL trailer with 5XL for steel coil transport resulting into 50% reduction of fuel consumption.
  • Auto working of air conditioning based on the logic/ sensor based resulted in energy conservation at Tuna site.
  • Installation of VFD on electric motors resulted in energy conservation at Dahej Site.

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